Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updated review: Florence + the Machine (music)

ack!!! new Florence + the Machine album out!!! Their new album is called "Ceremonials" which was released mid 2011. Their first single is called "Shake It Out" which is about letting everything roll off your back and dance and enjoy life. It also continues the themes established in their previous album of being kinda odd with references to demons, religion and cults - but in a fun way. In fact the music video (click on the song!) is Flo wandering around and dancing at a masquerade party.

I'm super excited to see them back and that their second album has as much spunk as their first album. Although "Ceremonials" lacks the harder more punk aspect of "Lungs" (their debut album), most of the songs off of "Ceremonials", can be compared to the song "Cosmic Love" - namely being a more mellow, melodious, and grandiose with a more belt-y sound. Even better is if you buy (or steal - I'm not particular) the deluxe edition you get acoustic version of their best songs and a demo off their possible next album.

Flo and her band continue to impress me with their music. I'm giving their new album 5 stars!

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