Wednesday, November 28, 2012

review: Magic Mike (movie)

I didn't see this movie in theaters namely because 1- I couldn't convince anyone to go with me and 2- I couldn't talk myself into going to go see it alone. And I’m kind of glad it turned out this way. Instead of attempting to listen to Channing Tatum, apparently the world’s sexiest man (obviously they didn't seek my opinion), talk to people over really bad and loud remixes (almost like you’re in a real strip club!) which would cause my ears to bleed in the theaters, I got to watch it at home pausing to rewind the awkward and hard to hear dialogue.

I have to say after having seen this movie I have no idea why it was so phenomenally popular. When the plot finally appears it’s not original: a slightly messed up stripper boy with an unrealistic dream meets (apparently) hot sister of stripper friend and needs her disapproval of his stripping ways to save him from his messy life. Another thing: it takes the plot forever to emerge. I ended up stopping the movie about 15 minutes in so a friend could answer the phone and that’s when I noticed – there had been no plot yet. We had no idea what was going on in the movie. And while it was funny at the time, 45 minutes into the movie it really wasn't anymore. I guess they were trying to make it so subtle it was almost invisible. They try to portray the plot as his midlife crisis but it doesn't occur until about 30 minutes from the end. Instead most of the movie is about the fun a young stripper boy can have: girls, drinks, drugs, in general - a good time.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were some good points within the movie. What straight female/gay male doesn't like to ogle some pretty pretty men. And there were pretty men. Matt Bomer... yummy (and so gay). But that was probably the best part of the movie. That and the stripping routines were funny and interesting (see aforementioned pretty men). And is it just me or is the salvaged furniture that he makes really unattractive? And he dream of turning it into a business an unrealistic expectation, especially in Tampa, FL? *sigh*

So, basically the only redeemable thing about this movie is the pretty men and the main one isn't all that pretty. So, in short, don't go see Magic Mike. I give it 1.5 starts out of 5. 

You can watch the trailer here if you really want to subject yourself to it. It's at least shorter than the movie.