Thursday, October 9, 2014

review: The Newflesh trilogy (books)

These books got passed around so quick between my friends and I. Seriously, it seems like almost everyone read these within the span of a few months. The sad part was that we never really talked about them and that I haven't thought about these books since I finished them. And that's a shame because they were good and cool.

Mira Grant is the pen name of Seanan McGuire who is known for her science fiction books, and The Newsflesh trilogy is no exception  and in fact won her a Hugo Award and has been nominated for a total of five Hugo awards.

These books take place in a post-zombie apocalypse America - decades after the initial infection has spread. It happened with the creation of a cure for cancer and a cure for the common cold. Some fanatics release both virus and tit quickly spread to all mammalian life. Alone, these two viruses are beneficial, but together they can cause their host to "amplify" and convert any mammal over 40 lbs into a zombie.

Life in America has change drastically. Humanity has kinda won. People are still here. They live in closed safe zones controlled by frequent blood tests. Meat is really no longer an option and houses are concrete brick, since windows are a safety risk. Alaska is lost to the zombies and its reclaiming is a political cluster. News has changed too. Papers are non-existent, people preferring to get their news via online, in particular, blogs.

Georgia is our heroine. She and her brother, Shaun, are the adopted children of Stacy and Michael who were present at the Rising (of Zombies.... duh). They gained fame fighting for the outlawing of pets near 40 lbs after Stacy had to shoot her young son due to his amplification after being bitten by a neighbor's pet. Georgia, like many of her generation, is named after the godfather of zombie - George A. Romero. She, along with her brother and closest friends Steve and Georgette (aka Buffy), are newies - professional bloggers. Their lives change when their crew get accepted to join the a politician on his campaign for President. Needless to say, this makes things get even more complicated.

There's zombies, betrayal, politics, medical craziness, love - what's not to like? I wish that this series was read by more people who would then talk about it. I found it memorable and amazing but due to the lack of chatter I've knocked off half a star. I give the Newsflesh Trilogy 4.5 out of 5 starts.

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