Friday, March 15, 2013

review: Grouplove (music)

I can honestly say that when my cousin offered me tickets to go see Young the Giant back in April, I had no idea who the opening act was. Grouplove didn't ring any bells. Although I had heard their hit "Tongue Tied" I always seemed to miss the band name whenever it came on. But my cousin said they were awesome and I wanted to see Young the Giant and I had an afternoon to kill. So, with no preconceived notions about who they were and if I would like their sound- I went to the concert anyways.

In 2009, five more or less random strangers met on a retreat in Crete. Liking each others' sound they remained friends for a year before forming a band together. And though only newly formed they needed that first year to earn the money to a recording studio in LA. They played their first show in May of 2010 and then later that year toured with Florence + the Machine and Joy Formidible!!! Talk about a quick rise!

They have excellent stage presence - being very carefree and kinda wild but still incredibly engaging. They're also perfect for the Portland scene as they have a quirky/nerdy/hip image. Their sound is upbeat and incredibly catch. When asked to describe their music, they said "It's like best friends skydiving." Their ballad "Slow" is incredible. Their album - Never Trust a Happy Song - is an excellent and one can easily listen to the whole thing. I give Grouplove 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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