Tuesday, February 28, 2012

review: Young the Giant (music)

Young the Giant is a alternative rock band that hit the scene early 2011 with their massively popular hit (at least on Portland alt rock stations) "My Body".

Originally called The Jakes, Young the Giant went through numerous line up changes before it settled on their final members.

Their music is considered to be alternative despite the fact that it has become mainstream enough to appear on a lot of the pop/rock stations.

Although "My Body" is an excellent song, Young the Giant has only one other hit out: "Cough Syrup". Those are by far the best songs on their album. Unfortunately the rest of their songs really aren't worth mentioning at all.

I was also lucky to see Young the Giant perform April 2011 before they were super popular. I found that they were overshadowed by their opening acts, including one of my favorite bands - Mother Mother.

All in all, I give Young the Giant 3 out of 5 stars. They have two great hits (with good music videos), but are lacking with the remainder of their album and their stage performance.

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