Sunday, September 12, 2010

review: In the Woods (book)

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In the Woods by Tana Woods

this book was really good. in fact it's one of the few i actually bought that is not science fiction, fantasy, political satire or historical fiction.... wow, i need to branch out. however it is a crime drama. and not some crappy one like Jim Patterson. in this book there's a lot of psychological drama lots of psychological drama in this one: from major freak outs for Det. Rob Ryan, bouts of memory loss, and straight up sociopathic behavior.

The story takes place central Dublin, Ireland and one of Dublin's rural suburbs. Detectives from Dublin's murder squad are sent to investigate the death of a young girl who was killed on an archeological site right outside the suburb. the murder generates a lot of press due to the girl's age, skill in ballet, the horrific details of her murder and due to the previous deaths in this sleepy suburb. Over 20 years ago, the town felt the shadow of death pass by on a hot summer evening where three children went to play in the woods and only one emerged but without his memory. Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox are two detectives sent to investigate. and lo and behold Det. Ryan is that same boy who emerged from the woods over 20 years ago.

Det. Rob Ryan is the protagonist and narrator throughout the whole book, focusing only on what he can see and know. and he warns you that this book doesn't portray him in the best light which is sad but true. Cassie is the brains out of the two (she almost completed her degree in psychology... although that means she's probably as learned as i am.... and she's a detective.... now, i'm uncomfortable) while Det. Rob Ryan often just stands there and is menacing which in itself can be useful. the two have a great dynamic often sounding like teenage siblings rather than partners on Dublin's murder squad.

Is there a connection between the recent death and the deaths over 20 years ago? who killed them? will they be able to prove it? and will rob and cassie hook up?! *sigh*

so if you're down for an intelligent thriller with lots of twists and an ending with many levels you might enjoy Tana French's In the Woods. i'm only giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars because i really enjoyed the book up until the very end. it left me unsatisfied but that's only becuase it didn't end the way i hoped. however the ending was good.

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